So… you could be a national brand looking for SEO. You might have locations sprinkled through out the country. Plus, you must rank for specific keywords in different parts of the country. The majority of locations need to rank for a few overlapping terms. Diagnosing local search terms for specific locations produces large growth. And then, building authority is important. It’s a local SEO job on a larger scale.


Data Tracking For National SEO Clients

Lead Miners uses our national SEO services to manage all of the data linked to your SEO campaign such as: measurements for your website’s performance, its search engine ranking, and its lead generation. This data is significant not only as a measurement of your site’s accomplishments, but also as a means of monitoring what works best and what needs enhancement within your SEO campaign.

We can tweak and change different aspects of your website once we carefully analyze that data. Closely examining its tracked data is how we guarantee that your website keeps getting better – your website should be always improving. We also use that data to analyze your user demographics and how visitors interact with your website, this allows us to know who is visiting your website and how they are using it so that we can make it even more appealing to them. That lowers the bounce rate— i.e. the amount of time a person spends on a website before leaving— which increases user engagement leading to additional customers.


by only targeting the local market you set your goals lower. Why do that when you can become a dominant force in the country? Lead Miners can help you achieve that goal by providing you with national SEO services.

Here are the advantages from our services:


  • Achieve marketing objectives for greater business growth
  • Take advantage of dedicated teams to drive conversions and execute plans
  • Multiply your ROI with a strategic approach to dominate your market
  • Analyse performance metrics to update your website
  • Integrated approach to connect with customers on all online platforms

We Perform Keyword Optimization For National SEO

Prior to writing content, to make sure that the content is perfectly optimized specifically to their business, we make sure to perform thorough research as part of the SEO process. Therefore, we do widespread and detailed keyword research to discover search terms that are relevant to their business. We begin with the broader search terms related to a particular business and then we progressively narrow it down to find the words and phrases people are searching for related to that business. 

By the time our research is done, we will have found the specific keywords that are very focused for that business. We then integrate those terms flawlessly throughout our content to make sure that the search engines pick them up when people look for them. Users will actually stick around to read it since we ensure that the content is written well and engaging. In the end you will have content that ranks and you will have content that people will actually want to read.


Another method that can help a website stand out even on a national level is careful link building. That means establishing your site as an authority on the subject of your business by building links. One method of doing this is through inbound links which happens when totally separate, unaffiliated websites have hyperlinks that lead back to the website that we have built. This establishes authority for the site and is a large part of SEO.

When it comes to a website, content won’t matter if it’s illegible. That’s why the web pages we create are specifically designed to encourage viewers to stay on the site, which helps local SEO and national improve. The content is formatted in chunks so it is easily digestible and we ensure that the pages have an appealing design. In essence, the web pages designed by our national SEO experts utilize proven UX and UI design concepts.