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Local Sarasota FL USA SEO Services!

We are a Sarasota FL SEO Company with Many Clients in USA


Local FL USA SEO Services


We are an SEO company with many clients in USA and Canada

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Lead Miners SEO Optimization Experts  Offer Google Search Rank Results Faster!

Most of our clients often ask…can you get us #1 on Google? It’s a reasonable question; and on many projects, we help get our SEO client’s important search terms #1 in the search engine rankings. However, we also help them comprehend what SEO is all about, so they become less focused on search engine rankings and more interested in metrics such as: increasing targeted traffic, optimizing for conversions, and increasing their return on investment.

We know how to help our client’s web pages rank high in Google and Bing. For those who may be interested, we’d be more than happy to show you current #1 Sarasota SEO rankings that we’ve achieved for our Sarasota SEO clients.

Expert Search Engine Optimization for Sarasota, FL

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SEO Experts: We Can Help!

Keyword Optimization

We find out what your target audience is seafching for and do a deep dive analysis on what your competitors are ranking for and which variations they’re using to take your lunch money.

Content Creation

Once we know which keywords we’re going to rank for, we will fill your site with professionally hand-written content that will blow away your competition and make search engines drool for more!

Backlink Campaings

Getting popular votes online is one of the main things search engines look for when deciding where to rank your site. We create a bulletproof backlink campaign that will boost your web presence to the next level!

On-Page CTA's

Getting customers to your page is half the battle, conversion is what pays the bills. We optimize your page and go H.A.M so you can bring home the bacon! Oink Oink!

An SEO Company That Adapts To Change!


Optimizing for search has become more complex and challenging as Google and Bing compete in their quest to provide relevant search results for their users. Google’s search engine algorithm, which for many years had about 128 variables, now has over 200. Recent additions include page load time, use of engagement objects, and the introduction of semantic search technology.

We are a Sarasota SEO company providing search engine optimization services as well as internet marketing services (Google Ads PPC)

Real-time search, universal search, local search, personal search, semantic search, structured data, pay-per-click, and social media platforms have all made it difficult for business website owners to keep up with digital marketing strategies. It’s become more important than ever to ensure your site has quality content that is engaging for users, and to have an effective internet marketing and search optimization strategy.

Why Choose Lead Miners?

A nice company website with a few good links doesn’t cut it anymore. Over the past few years, the internet has become a very competitive environment which is constantly changing and evolving. It makes a lot of sense to get a SEO Expert involved to stay ahead of your competition.

  • Professional Website development Since 2009
  • Online business internet marketing since 2011
  • Sarasota SEO specialist since 2011
  • We love to do SEO audits
  • Well versed in proper SEO website architecture, keyword research and strategies, on-page optimization, html and xml sitemaps, htaccess compilation, duplicate content issues, robots.txt compilation, link development, local search, universal search, personal search, geo-targeting, video integration, YouTube SEO, social media networking and PPC advertising campaigns
  • Local search engine optimization *we are Sarasota Google Local Business Page search experts: we provide significantly improved local search rankings for our customers


An SEO Company YOU Can Count on!

There are hundreds of marketing techniques available to companies. We’ve found that the best way to raise the online part of advertising is through the use of search engine optimization. Our advertising services have rated over 4,700 keywords to page one of the major search engines. By ranking high competition, higher traffic keywords into the top rankings on Google, our customers company grows tremendously and the earnings often times exceed their own expectations.

There’s just no better way to bring in sales for your organization, than by sitting at the top rankings in the search engines. The issue isn’t a matter of”does SEO work” or”will we get new customers” the main issue is hiring the finest Sarasota SEO company. There are far too many search engine optimization agencies offering low excellent work for their clientele. Since most businesses don’t have a comprehensive idea and comprehension of SEO, it’s become increasingly more challenging to hire expert search engine optimization solutions that truly work. This is because the industry is saturated in low quality, and frequently times spammy agencies that don’t provide any real value for their customers.

We can dominate your competitors and we’ve done so for many companies throughout USA. Whether your organization is needing local expansion or national expansion, we can discover suitable key words for your company to target. We’ve got a dedicated research team that helps companies know which keywords they should be targeting with their search engine optimization campaign.

In addition to targeting the right keywords, it’s necessary that we really rank these key words to the high positions in the search engines. Years ago we had enormous success with online sales with page #1 positions, we’ve discovered that over the years things have radically changed. Over 60 percent of searches are now done on mobile devices. The reason it is ideal to rank to the best #3 rankings is that mobile users normally do not scroll down all of the way to the bottom of page #1 today. The companies that rank to the top #3 rankings now have a heightened sale rate since the consumers are browsing the top ranked sites over they used to do previously. This is another reason it is necessary to choose an SEO firm that will lead your company to success.

We constantly keep on top of the Google algorithm updates for our customers. The search engines have a very demanding protocol for rank sites to the top rankings, and it’s necessary that an search engine optimization company follows 100 percent of the guidelines so as to have success. We’ve found that there’s an enormous amount of trust that automatically related to the top-ranked businesses. When potential customers are looking for local services, they tend to prefer the top 3 companies more than the companies on page #2 and reduced. Not only is there an increase in trust, but your brand may also have an increased authenticity. Whether your business is the finest in what you need to offer, clients typically believe you’re, when rated in the top rankings. To put it simply, there are a lot of reasons why choosing a professional firm will help to raise your brand, credibility, and earnings.



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